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A Quick Update!

Hi friends!

This is just a quick note to say that yes, this blog is still here. But due to a family emergency I've been taking a longterm break from recipe design and implementation. I'll be back at it just as soon as I can. Promise promise.

Until then, please enjoy this beautiful picture of cake.

Kathleen is standing in front of a white wall, holding a cake on a plate towards the camera. She is blurred in the background, her torso is visible in a sleeveless black dress, a blue moon tattoo is on the inside of her left forearm and blue Orion tattoo is visible on the front of her right bicep, and her skin is very pale white. The cake is a tall cylinder with pale yellow frosting and it has three stems of sugared rosemary standing up vertically, evenly spaced around the sides of the cake and another lying on top of the cake .

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