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How to Navigate The Spoon Variable

When I post recipes, I will attempt to categorize them by ability or energy level they will take to complete- more spoons = greater difficulty or amount of energy needed. So if you see one spoon icon, that should be a pretty quick or simple recipe. Three spoon icons means it’ll probably take awhile and it might tire you out. Two spoons is somewhere in between. You’ll be able to search by spoon number, as well as by allergens, type of food, holiday or event, and probably other factors as I figure them out.

Whenever possible, I’ll try to provide different spoon level options within one recipe (making cupcakes from scratch vs from a box, making your own caramel vs opening a jar of caramel from the store, etc.). I won’t always be able to do this, so please don’t get too mad at me if I miss something. If you read my bio, you know that I also have limited spoons. Just trust that I’m trying my best. As you can probably imagine, this is a pretty massive undertaking. With that in mind, my goal is to post at least one recipe a month. Sometimes there will be more, sometimes fewer, bear with me. It’s a work in progress!

A disclaimer: activities that use up my spoons might be different than yours. I’ll do my best to make my categories as universal as possible, but there will inevitably be some discrepancies. Baking might be a science, but blog creation isn’t.

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